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Why produce your dance or fitness DVD with Cheeky Girls?



We are dancers.
Producing dance DVDs is our specialty. You don't need to explain to us what dancers want in a DVD because we already understand that MTV-like effects that prevent movements from being seen will annoy your viewers. The primary director and camera person is Michelle Joyce, a dancer who knows what it is like to be in front of the camera. Michelle is present at every DVD shoot and will help you with the little details that might be missed by other production companies (such as the best angles to film certain moves, when your posture starts slipping, if the concept you are explaining is reading on camera, etc).

We have a great track record.
We have produced many best selling dance DVDs. We are very active online, committed to being tuned in to what the community is looking for in a fast-evolving artform, and we read every review of our products that we can get our hands on. We are happy to give you practical advice about marketing, structure, and content for your product that is based on real life experience in the dance DVD market.

We are women.
Most of the dancers that we work with are women and the vast majority of dance DVDS are bought by women, so why not work with a production company that is female owned? Though we do have several wonderful cameramen on our staff, we always minimize the number of men on the set when there is an all-female cast. We have found that most female dancers feel more inhibited with a male camera person, particularly when explaining some of the more unusual dance exercises and techniques. (By no means are men banned - you are welcome to bring anyone you'd like to the shoot!)

We are affordable.
Because we can shoot, edit, and do all graphic design with a staff of one or two people (with our own equipment), costs are greatly reduced because there is rarely the need to hire additional people or to rent expensive items. You could easily spend upwards of $20,000 to create your DVD, but we are able to do it at a fraction of the price. Don't just take our word for it, here is a sample quote from another production company (the company name has been blacked out for obvious reasons). You can also read Zari's article in Gilded Serpent about her experience looking for a video producer for an instructional DVD. We are so convinced that we are the best deal in town that we strongly encourage potential clients to shop around!

- basic package starts at $3,500 -

The price includes 4 hours of shooting (in the Bay Area), editing and menuing of the DVD, one re-edit, and one master copy of a DVD up to 1 hour in length. We create and oversee all aspects of production, editing and cover art.

Things to know before getting started



Samples of Freelance Projects



Layering DVD for Nadira
1 of 2 DVDs created for Oreet
Belly Dance Drum Solo DVD for Nanna Candelaria


The Basics with Outi for Outi of Cairo

1 or 3 DVDs produced for Kajira Djoumahna

Tribal Fusion Choreography for Lily