New To Belly Dance?


Absolute Beginner

You are brand new to belly dance and need an introduction to the basic movements.

123 Belly Dance

Taught by Bahaia. Breaks down the basics and teaches a fun, flashy choreography that uses a veil.

Belly Dance Basics

Taught by Michelle Joyce. Breaks down the most basic belly dance movements then puts them together into a simple choreography.


Popped, Locked and Loaded

Taught by Kami Liddle.  Kami provides an excellent introduction to the Tribal Fusion Style and teaches a short choreography.

Physical DVD

Belly Dance Crash Course

Taught by Michelle Joyce. Breaks down basic moves then drills them in short segments that explores their variations.

Physical DVD :: Download

Musicality Matters

Starring Andalee, the winner our reality show! She teaches  Middle Eastern rhythms  and takes you through a basic choreography.

Physical DVD :: Download

Belly By Sandra Vol 1

Sandra takes you on a guided tour of the core movements and their correct technique.

Belly By Sandra Vol 2

Sandra takes you on a guided tour of the core movements and their correct technique.

123 Drum Solo

Taught by Bahaia. Drum solos are a very challenging component of belly dance, but this beginner DVD is a great introduction.

Physical DVD
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You understand the core movments of belly dance but are still getting comfortable with them.

Fabulous Four Yard Veils

Taught by Shoshanna. An excellent introduction to veils of any size.

Physical DVD

Vashti's Gypsy Passion

Time to have some fun with  stylization! Learn to dance with a Gypsy skirt.

Drills! Drills! Drills!

Taught by Michelle Joyce. This multi-level DVD provides non-stop drills. This is a great resource to return to again and again.

Fluid Technique

Taught by Zoe Jakes. This is a drills DVD that contains tribal fusion stylization. It’s a great workout!

Advanced Beginner

You're more comfortable with the basics and now you are ready for a gentle introduction to more complicated concepts.

Combination Nation

 Master instructors teach short combinations in their signature style.

Volume 1
Physical DVD :: Download
Volume 2
Physical DVD :: Download
Volume 3
Physical DVD :: Download

Shake it Out

Taught by Project Belly Dance finalist, Sherena. This DVD is all about one thing: mastering the shimmy. Practice makes perfect and you will be amazed at how far you progress!

Pop, Lock, and Shimmy

Taught by Michelle Joyce. This is an intermediate level drum solo that is taught very slowly and drilled extensively. You can do it!

Killer Ziller

Taught by Michelle Joyce. An excellent introduction to finger cymbals. You will slowly add dance moves to the cymbal patterns and progress at your own pace.

Physical DVD :: Download