Experienced Dancer?

Professional Development

DVDs that go way beyond dance movements

Insider Secrets

Everything you need to know about marketing yourself as a professional belly dancer.

Secrets of the Stage Vol 1

Dancers discuss relaxation and calmness, connecting with the music, and energy projection.

Physical DVD :: Download

 Secrets of the Stage Vol 2

Dancers discuss tips and audience participation, restaurant and stage dancing, and professionalism.

Physical DVD :: Download

Secrets of the Stage Vol 3

Dancers discuss dancing to live music, creativity and inspiration, and their professional image.

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Advanced Level Dance

Challenging drills and choreographies for skilled dancers

Powerhouse Percussion

A fast and furious drum solo that is sure to bring your skill and stamina to the next level.

Embellish Your Dance

Amanda Rose covers leg work, spins and body extensions to add flavor to your dance.

Body Motion

Cross training in other styles is the secret to strong dance technique. This modern dance DVD will help you to build more diverse skills.

Physical DVD :: Download

Fluid Technique

Taught by Zoe Jakes. This2 disc set includes an advanced drills DVD. It’s a great workout!